The nervous system of your vehicle is Wire Harness, we make sure that we work close to designing team, implementation team and testing team to supply the best product for your automotive.


Automotive Wire Harnesses

Automotive wire harnesses are used in two wheeler, three wheeler, cars, utility vehicles, and commercial vehicles. Harnesses are designed as per the electrical and geometrical requirements of automobiles, and are embedded in the body, engine, and chassis of vehicles. Body wiring harnesses are embedded into dashboards, door locks, power windows, and interior electrical components. Engine wiring harnesses embed into speed sensors, lock braking systems, cruise control systems, and fuel injection systems. Chassis wiring comprise of the front, rear and main harnesses. List of harness we provide:

  • Electrical Wiring Harnesses,
  • Battery Cables for Genset,
  • Control Panel Wiring Harness,
  • Automotive Wiring Harness,
  • Solar Panel Harness,
  • Automotive Lightning Harness,
  • PCB Soldering.

Do let us know your wire harness requirement and we will make it happen. Also, know how we work.

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Medical Eq

Medical/Scientific Equipment Wire Harnesses

Every piece of hardware in medical and scientific equipment is tested many times, to make sure everything should provide best service, we make sure that we work close to scientist and medical staff to supply best medical and scientific wire harness. Some medical wire harnesses and medical cable assembly solutions include:

  • Medical testing and diagnostic equipment wiring harnesses and cable assemblies.
  • Patient care & monitoring equipment wire harnesses and cable assemblies.
  • Medical sensor wiring harnesses and cable assemblies.
  • Surgical robots and automation cable assemblies.
  • Imaging system equipment wiring harnesses and cables assemblies.
  • Home health care and mobile medical equipment wire harnesses and cable assemblies.
  • Medical laboratory equipment wire harnesses and cable assemblies.
  • Dental equipment wiring and cable harness assemblies.
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Technical Support 24 X 7

We raised level of our technical customer service to new heights. We have experienced staff of technical personnel whose sole mission is to assist our customers in selecting the right product for their needs and solving any installation issues that may arise. Our commitment to customer service is not just talk. No matter what your wire harness requirement is, drop us an email give us a chance to support you technically. We consider our customers are very important and we give priority to our customers. Our email support is 24X7.

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